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Seattle Men's Chorus' 10th CD release features one of the most requested pieces the chorus has ever performed - Michael's Letter to Mama from Seattle Men's Chorus' groundbreaking collaboration with Armistead Maupin, author of the beloved Tales of the City series.

Seattle Men's Chorus ensembles Zipper and Captain Smartypants make appearances on this four song recording which includes Home from The Wiz, Welcome Home and Keepers of the Light.

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Format: Compact Disc
Category: Pop
Price: $10
Released: 2000
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CD cover:  HOME


Released: 2000


Dear SMC:

Last summer, through events that had to have been coordinated by a Higher Power, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle and hear Seattle Men's Chorus perform. As a direct result, my life has changed and this is how it happened.

All you need to know is I am the black sheep of the family. I have not spoken to my parents in thirty years (yes, 30). So the first time I heard SMC perform "Michael's Letter to Mama," I was openly cynical, and thought , 'Yeah right, like some letter will change anything.'

But SMC seems to generate some kind of energy that reaches beyond measures of music to something greater. I was so proud to see you perform: handsome, gifted, generous, happy gay men. Seeing you sign made me proud that I too am openily and happily homosexual. I heard you perform three times in two cities that trip! Each additional time I heard SMC sing "Michael's Letter to Mama" it touched me more deeply. Frankly the third time around it just tore me up.

You can probably see where this is going. I recently sat down and wrote "Sean's Letter to Mama," in my words but sending the same thoughts. To my complete surprise my folks wrote back that they were willing to meet me. I drove three hundred miles last Saturday to see them for the first time in three decades. It went perfectly. My parents were completely supportive and loving. It was healing for me and for them as well.

None of this would have happened if David Maddux had not composed, Armistead had not written, if Seattle Men's Chorus had not put in the hours of labor to learn it and sing it so well.

I send my love and my thanks. You guys are awesome!

My very best wishes
Sean Bailey


  1. Michael's Letter to Mama 9:15
    Words by Armistead Maupin; Music by David Maddux
    Performed by Seattle Men's Chorus
    Soloist: Josh Herrington
    Recorded at Benaroya Hall • Al Swanson, Engineer
    Used by permission
  2. Home 3:39
    Words and music by Charlie Smalls
    Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corporation
    Used by permission
    Performed by Zipper!
    Recorded at Benaroya Hall • Al Swanson, Engineer
  1. Welcome Home 5:28
    Words and music by Eric Lane Barnes
    Performed by Seattle Men's Chorus with Zipper!
    Soloist: Josh Herrington
    Recorded at Benaroya Hall • Al Swanson, Engineer
    © 1999, Eric Lane Barnes, ASCAP
  2. Keepers of the Light 4:47
    Words and Music by Eric Lane Barnes
    Performed by Captain Smartypants
    Soloists: Marc Willis, Paul Rosenberg and Tim Clements
    Recorded & mixed at Ironwood Studios • Donn DeVore, Engineer
    © 1995, Eric Lane Barnes, ASCAP